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Software Testing Services

EXCELLA we provide the complete range testing services to support all ongoing software testing needs of an organization.

We help you select the right tools and implement them in the right way, some of the tools we use for test management includes,

  • Microsoft Test Manager-TFS
  • HP-Quality Center
  • IBM-rational Quality manager
  • TestLink

Mobile App Development

EXCELLA provides a full suite of custom mobile APP development services, along with a consultative approach, for a best possible result. Our services include design and development on a variety of platforms – iOS, Android, HTML5 and Web, as well as ancillary services, such as testing and project management.

Our proven capabilities in mobile development put us in a unique position to provide the best of end-to-end custom solutions.

Web Development

EXCELLA provides professional website design, development, maintenance services and redesigning of the website. Our skilled  web designers and developers accomplish various website projects from brochure sites to multi-functional web portals of any complexity.

Our web development services in,

  • web strategy consulting
  • web design & development
  • custom web applications
  • customer relationship management
  • web maintenance & support

E-Commerce Development

 Domain Knowledge

To sell goods and services online, domain knowledge on the business is absolutely essential. We have our dedicated resources that will do a comprehensive research on your products and services and acquire the domain knowledge. We then share it with you while doing the business requirements.


Architecture is the key for any e-commerce solutions. Without a proper architecture e-commerce can make or break your business.


Buying in shop is totally different then buying online. All the necessary information related to your products and services should be clearly visible to your customers. We are specialized in presenting the products and services information.


Your customers should be able to shop online securely. At any point of the shopping your customers should not get second thoughts about proceeding towards payments.

Search Engine Optimization

We guarantee to bring your website to the first page of Google for your targeted keywords. To identify your competition and to know from which quarter it comes from, we do a thorough competition analysis in order to develop a strategy to position your website above your competitors. Also, we do complete keyword analysis to choose the best high-volume keywords that is widely used to find your business.

 SEO is a process through which volume of traffic is increased to a particular website by following white hat techniques. Traffic is nothing but the number of visitors who visit your website.

  • First page ranking or listing.
  • Increased visibility.
  • Increased traffic.

Manual Testing Services

Manual Testing plays a crucial role in business critical applications. And it is essential, as 100% automation is not possible in real-time environment.

Microsoft Test Manager-TFS
HP-Quality Center
IBM-rational Quality manager
Test Link

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Delivering Innovation with Excellence Excella provides incessant techno-enabled business solutions for global clients. We operate as support system for our clients’ business requirements.

We believe in delivering innovative solutions with excellence. bb3 Excella coalesce in-depth business knowledge, experience and expertise in this multiple IT purveyor world, with a focus on strategic precedence.

The keenness to learn, serve and excel has been the key factor behind Excella’s pioneering distinction and innovative solutions.

Automation Testing Services

We will provide the complete range testing services to support all ongoing software testing needs of an organization.

Microsoft Test Manager-TFS
HP-Quality Center
IBM-rational Quality manager
Test Link

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Functional Testing

Each function is tested by feeding the input and examining the output.

Positive/Negative Testing

Positive testing is a testing that  attempts to show that a feature or function does what it is supposed to do.

Boundary Condition Testing

This is a test where data is generated using the extremes of the input domain, e.g. maximum, minimum, just inside/outside boundaries, typical values, and error values.

User Interface Testing

Graphical user interface testing is the process of testing a product’s graphical user interface to ensure it meets its written specifications and the industry standards.

Usability Testing

This is a process to verify ease of use, of a specific object or set of objects.

System Testing

In this phase, we test the application for all expected functions and platforms.

User Acceptance Testing

This testing phase is conducted as part of customer sign-off on the finished software.

Delivering Reliable and Efficacious Solutions To Global Businesses web-development-iconNEW2Excella believes in delivering reliable and efficacious solutions and promoting best practices. We enhance our efficiency by setting up benchmarks and always strive to surpass them to raise the bar further in order to come up with ground-breaking solutions.

Our Capabilities

User Interface Design 75%
Software Testing 95%
Web Development 85%
Project Management 80%
Social Marketing 70%
Search Engine Optimization 80%