FinoTest – Software Testing Management Tool

FinoTest provides a complete Quality Assurance solution that manages requirements, tests, bugs and issues in one environment, with complete traceability from inception to completion. Below are some of the most popular features in FinoTest. Click on the appropriate feature name to learn more about the functionality that FinoTest offers

• Create an unlimited amount of projects, products components and tests cases
• Easily maintain regression and sanity sets ad product testing moved forward
• Test cases tree (Hierarchical folders) organizing , requirements and test case
• Generate bugs straight from test runs
• Links between requirements, test cases and defects can significantly reduce development time and improve the product’s quality
• The Dashboard utility enables the QA manager, Product Manager, R&D Managers to create their customized dashboard


SmartFlow – WorkFlow Tool

SmartFlow WorkFlow is designed to ease the creation, deployment, modification and management of Business Processes with no programming effort and differentiates with other Business Process Management products in its ability to deploy rapidly to automate a complete process.

Enterprise Applications

Process Automation & De-risking: This Rule and Role-based engine feature of WorkFlow maps onto the process, its participants, business rules, and exceptions. It has a strong monitoring and control mechanism for generating quick turnaround time, transparency, and higher productivity.

Process Management

SmartFlow rapid implementation cycles, flexibility in adapting to changing process requirements, ease of use, and scalability in handling one out of many processes provides BPO companies to rapidly roll-out proof of concept and running of a pilot at low cost.

Centralization and Outsourcing

WorkFlow reduces the load of handling structured routine tasks by centralizing the process across branch locations. This ensures the complete process definition and documentation. SmartFlow is implemented both; at the parent site and at the outsourced site.

Extending Enterprise

SmartFlow offers end-to-end process management, control, and a quantum jump in productivity. It facilitates the organization to offload complex and critical transactions management internally to the dealers and agents, simultaneously maintaining total process control.